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    Graphics Card upgrade




      the mainboard has got an Intel® Core i7-4790U

      and the graphics card is R5 235 2G DDR3 and is stuck in a slot - think it is called "PCI express" and there is only one.

      The graphics performance seems slow even in the old game Star Wars Battlefront and score in WEI is only 5.1 and 6.3 for graphics.


      Do you know if there is a faster graphics card to buy that can fit in the same slot??


      The power supply is called LITEON Model PE 5221 02AB (R1421) don't know its output!

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          Hello PvP, thanks for joining the Intel Community.

          I would like to inform you that the processor you are using is not causing the performance issue on your system since once you installed a video card on the board, it automatically disable the onboard video.



          The I7-4790U is a really good processor. It comes with Intel® HD Graphics 4600, have you tried playing the game without using a video card?


          Regarding a better graphics card, I would recommend you on waiting for a reply from another user. The best option for you, would depend on your budget.

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