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    TV and Infrared?




      Got an Intel NUC d54250wykh connected to an LCD LG television through HDMI, and both the picture and audio is good. So was wondering:


      1) When switching to HDMI feed on the TV where the windows desktop appears, is it possible to get the television channels there also in a window on the desktop?

      2) What is the use of the infrared on the NUC? For example when switched to HDMI feed and watching a movie located on the SSD in the NUC, should it be possible to use the Television's remote control also with the NUC to control its display of a video movie?

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          1) This is a function of your TV.  If your TV supports picture-in-picture (PIP in your TV's manual) then you might be able to see TV channels in a window on top of the computer input.

          2) The IR sensor on the NUC responds to the standard MCE remote controls.  Windows Media Center, KODI (XBMC), and other media center software will respond to those  IR codes

          If you want your TV remote to control the NUC you will need CEC.  In that case your TV remote controls your TV which then controls the NUC via CEC through the HDMI cable.  The NUC's IR will only respond to MCE remotes and not to your TV's remote.

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