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    Need more "Dedicated" Video RAM for 3D Features of PS CC 2014!


      I have Photoshop CC 2014 on my Dell Inspiron 17, which was purchased last year in July. Adobe says Photoshop CC 2014 needs at least 512mb of "dedicated" video RAM. Why can't I just move that from the total available graphics memory for that?!?!? And from what I understand, the processors is embedded into the CPU. I really do not want to buy another laptop! I've attached my Graphic Processor specs with this post.


      I would really appreciate any help concerning this.

      Thanks in advance,


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          Note that the Intel® graphics controllers uses shared memory that is taken from the RAM memory installed on your computer.


          The feature that sets the amount of memory that is used for video is called Intel® Dynamic Video Memory Technology and this will make the graphics controller only to use the amount of RAM memory that it requires to run the different applications or software’s.


          I am afraid to say that there is no way to preset this to a specific value; however, you can limit the maximum memory that it can take only. You will see this option usually in BIOS and you will have 3 options, 128MB, 256MB and maximum DVMT. Other values can be found as 512MB, etc but this depends on the motherboard manufacturer and the amount of RAM memory installed on your computer.