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    NUC D34010WYKH will not boot or post BIOS


      I picked up two NUC's as Christmas presents for my nephews - a D34010WYKH and a D54250WYKH. These were purchased on 10/24 from Amazon. The plan was to give these as presents and then work with each nephew to configure them post Christmas as a project. We installed 8GB of approved NUC memory in the D54250WYKH and added an MSATA drive. The next thing we did was flash the D54250WYKH BIOS to 033 . No issues at all. We installed Win 7/64 on a 256GB MSATA. All is working well. We then attempted to follow the same instructions with the D34010WYKH - the third party hardware was exactly the same as the D54250WYKH.


      Right off the bat this unit had issues. We got a frozen screen on the BIOS logo. We could not enter the BIOS with F2. F10 did not work either. It also took a lot longer to see video. I swapped both the memory and MSATA from the working D54250WYKH to the D34010WYKH just to validate that this was not a third party hardware issue. This did not fix the boot issues. In fact we cannot even see the logo screen with the boot options anymore. We now see the error posted below.


      After following Intel's recommended fix for BIOS issues at http://downloadmirror.intel.com/24326/eng/BIOS%20Update%20Readme.pdf we are not able to get past an error that says:


      At this point I think we have exhausted our options. We are outside the Amazon return window by 6 days. I am assuming the  D34010WYKH is under full warranty. Any help is appreciated.