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    Intel HD Graphics - how to disable / reduce Overdrive  [F.lux]


      HP G72 253NR  (Intel Pentium P6000; Intel HD Graphics)

      MS WIN7 HP x64  (Intel HD Graphics

      f.lux: F.A.Q. - When I scroll text with f.lux on, I see a brief red afterimage. Why?

      TFT Central - Response Time Compensation Technology (RTC) - Overdrive

      How do I disable and/or reduce the Overdrive feature?

      I am using F.lux software that makes the color of my computer's display adapt to the time of day, warm at night and like sunlight during the day.  The problem is that when I scroll text with F.lux on, I see a brief red afterimage that makes everything a blur.  F.lux says this is due to Response Time Compensation (RTC), also known as Overdrive.

      I have read as many of the F.lux and Intel related FAQs that I can and have not found where / how to do this.  The Intel Graphics and Media Control Panel does not appear to have this option.

      ANDY - Salt Lake, UT US