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    HD graphics Baytrail and old games compatibility


      Hello, I've bougt a Baytrail tablet with the Z3745D which has an intel GPU. The computer is running Windows 8.1.


      When I try to play some old games, e.g. Simcity4, there are graphical glitches in the game. I didnt have those when I was playing the game on a GMA HD. This problem was also described here:

      8.1 dont like old games graphic issues with many people ?


      And intel apparently released a driver update for the HD 4000 which fixed these glitches. Ive installed the latest driver for my GPU and it had these graphical bugs. Could you please update the Baytrail drivers to also have this bugfix?Ive heard that they are basically a slower version of the HD4000, so it should not be hard to fix the bug.