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    when i press the F2 to enter setup on my NUC Kit D34010WYKH i get a scrambled image


      My nuc is connected with the mini-hdmi to hdmi to my samsung homecinemaset and with a mini-displayport to hdmi to my TV. And it works great. But when i try to enter the bios (or uefi) i get an image like the one in the attachement. When i only use 1 it works normal. But this is very annoying.


      Also i am not able to boot from several usb sticks. I've done this several months without a problem. When i press F10 it doesn't show them. But if I disable the SSD in the computer it works. So there is no problem with the stick. But to enter the bios to change things I always need to unplug 1 cable.


      The latest bios is intalled, but the scrambled setup image has been there since i got is. The usb bootproblem is new (and even more annoying )