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    Bad/fluctuating signal with Wireless-n 7260




      I'm pretty sure that I've tried everything now, but I still have the same problem: Fluctuating wi-fi signal!


      This has only been a problem since updating to Windows 8.1. I'm on a Lenovo S540.


      What I've tried:


      - Disable U-APSD

      - Disable HT

      - Updating with latest Wireless-n 7260 drivers from Lenovo.

      - Updating with newest Intel drivers

      - Trying older drivers with which other users with same problem got a better performance.

      - Updating Intel PROset/Wireless drivers

      - Changing channel on router


      I still have this annoying problem. Even from where I'm sitting typing this ~1 meter away from the router I have a 40% signal strength. If I'm located in the next room I get very little signal. This was NOT a problem before the Windows 8.1 update.


      Does anyone have a solution for this? I'm guessing this is driver related so it could be cool if you Intel devs in here could give me some info on potential future drivers that actually works OR even better: Just give me that one piece of advice that will fix this issue.