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    4790k Overheating Even During Idle in BIOS



      I have recently upgraded to a new i7 4790k, and it works fine through the boot and everything. The one issue is that the CPU temp reads out to be 128 degrees (Celsius if anybody wonders). This is causing it to be throttled by up to 75% so far. I'm using an Antec Kuhler 920, and I know it's not the bad part, as it has treated my i5 3570k OC'ed to 4.6 very well.


      What I tried (These didn't work, obviously):

      • Stock cooler
      • Replace/Redo thermal compound
      • "Tighten" cooler with spacers on the backplate
      • BIOS Update
      • Driver update (I didn't think that would work anyways)

      Playing games or stressing it won't change anything, it either just stays the same, or it throttles even more.


      Other things that might help:

      • Cooler block is cool to the touch (The software for it reads a water temp. of 25-35 degrees, and warmer during loads).
      • I measured the rear of the board with a heat radar, no where close to 100, let alone 50.
      • I measured the CPU heat spreader/lid with the radar too, right after shutting down in the bios when it reached 128, no where close.
      • The readout in software starts at about 20-30 degrees, then it climbs steadily to 128 at about one degree per second.
      • I'm running at stock settings

      I'm out of ideas to fix this, I looked all around for this issue under an idle, but everybody else just gets 30-60 on idle speeds. I really hope that I can fix this with a simple thing.