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    CATERR problem with S2600GZ


      I'm having a problem booting up my S2600GZ machine. When I plug the power, it starts on its own, and keeps rebooting. Even the BMC console is not functioning. I tried upgrading the firmware, using the BIOS Recovery jumper. It still gets stuck in the POST. The CATERR LED is always on.


      I managed to get the bmc console running by removing the CMOS battery, and doing a power cycle, and I extracted the log file (attached).


      I tried to:

      • power cycle the server several times.
      • removing the RAM completely/replacing them with different ones.
      • replacing the processors (2 X E5-2670 v2) with different ones.


      But I always ended up with the same results. What am I missing here? what can be the problem?