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    Looking For A NUC


      Hi guys, im looking for a replacement to a towe PC and think a mini PC specifically a NUC is the way to go. I dont know much about it and alls I really need it for is regular day to day tasks on windows OS, internet, family videos and photos access from my NAS and thats about it.


      If someone can help me out and inform me on which NUC (or a different miniPC) would be best for me Id greatly appreciate it. Id like an i5 but if an i3 will be be ok I can get that. I also would want to get an SSD.


      I understand Ill have to install the SSD and an OS, I guess I will youtube that to figure that out.


      Any help is appreciated


      Thank you

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          Hi cmcigas,


          Please note that for daily tasks as you described before an Intel® Core i3 should be enough for it. Saying this, the D34010WYK can be what you are looking for Here you can find the product information:



          If you would like to game on the NUC with some games you can go for one with Intel® Core i5 so it would be the D54250WYK. Here is the product Information:



          You will need to install a SSD on the NUC and install the Operating System there but the installation process is pretty similar as a mechanical HDD.


          Kevin M

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            Hi Kevin, thanks for the reply.


            Now I also found out that my PC at the moment is not up to par for an Elgato HDCapture 60. Which is an external capture card hooked up to my xbox. Would the i5 and a bit of extra RAM be able to help my live stream out to Twitch? My network isnt the problem I get 110down and 50 up.


            Thanks again

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              If in doubt then go for the i5 model which also can get overclocked. RAM is fairly cheap nowadays, the current NUCs max out at 16GB. Note however that both the i3 and i5 model of NUC only supports 1.35V lowvoltage sodimm (not regular voltage at 1.5V). Im currently successfully using Kingston Hyperx Impact sodimms who works at 1.35V and with the i5 NUC.