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    Intel NUC N2820 has VERY poor video performance!


      I have been experiencing many of the same problems as my fellow users regarding this unit.


      This includes:


      YouTube is unable to play fullscreen at 480p smoothly, let alone 720p and even 1080p. (this unit should be able to play 1080p with ease, In fact it it was not locked by Intel it should theoretically handle 4k.

      video struggles to play in media players and becomes out of sync, and the frame rate generally suffers.

      85-100% CPU usage during HD, flash and HTML5 playback.


      I have all the newest bios,drivers and I've tried windows 8 and 10 on two SSD's it makes no difference.

      also it has a nice SSD drive and 4gb of cosair ddr3l which should be more than enough to aid performance, so no bottlenecks.


      long story short my phone can playback HD in higher quality(and it's a cheap phone!).......Feels like I've thrown £200 in the bin at the moment!

      I'm very disappointed in Intel this was supposed to be a Christmas present! A media player that can't even play media is not much use :-(.


      I seriously doubt I'll be buying another Intel chip after this as you refuse to fix problems that ruin your products!