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    Some sort of graphics calculator suggestion


      Suggests a graphics calculator interface to the graphics driver: For example

      1) Set video display resolution based on the user's distance to the screen (480p,720p,1080p)

      2) Then set anisotropic filtering based on how that looks.

      3) Now all other graphics settings have to be zero for next setting: Then set the smoothness in motion, for example in 3D first person view when turning the landscape will move slower than closer objects, and if the movement is bad, it looks like the closer objects are shaky, because the time it takes to draw them are so slow that there's a notably distance between each update. Mouse sensitivity reduces movement speed but doesn't fix the problem. That's why a calculator would be nice!


      Now the graphics calculator has to measure capable FPS. And based on this result other graphics settings can be added, for example if the result is higher than minimum 25 FPS, anti-aliasing can be increased, shadows and light-effects can be added. But the calculator will basically always ensure the correct picture/image (texture) quality and smoothness (for minimum eyestrain) ...