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    NUC dead after suspend mode in Ubuntu 14.10


      Hello Intel community


      I'm writing to share my experience with NUC'S.

      My first NUC was D34010WYK, I mounted additionally following components on it:


      Crucial mSSD 120 GB

      Samsung RAM 2x4GB

      Intel 2777324 dual adapter (Bluetooth, WLAN)


      After mounting the HW and updating the BIOS to latest revision I installed Ubuntu 14.10 on it. It's was really easy.

      Ubuntu was booting in secure mode, which is default in BIOS.


      While using the NUC for approximately 3 Weeks I only noticed sporadic freezes while watching Soccer over Sopcast links with VLC player. During the freeze audio was continuing to play, however video was freezed and controlling of NUC wasn't possible, only hard reset over power button helped.


      At the end of the third week at some point the NUC didn't wake up anymore from suspend mode. The power button was blinking with ca. 0.25 Hz frequency.

      After pulling the power cable it stopped blinking but also stopped working.

      I couldn't power on the NUC again, it was dead, unfortunately.


      Amazon returned me the money for defect NUC and I ordered a new one, this time D54250WYK.


      Guess what, after approximately 3 weeks of usage this one died the same way the first one died!

      I think there is something wrong with NUC's and Linux suspend mode in general.


      Does anyone know a workaround for this issue?


      My first ideas were:

      Switch in BIOS to Legacy boot (Not using secure boot)

      Disable suspend mode, but this isn't the way I want to use the NUC.


      Is Intel aware of this problem?

      I think it can be reproduced very quickly ...


      This issue reminds me about Samsung Notebooks, which were also killed by Linux due to some bugs in their BIOS/EFI FW.



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