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    Board Support Package User Guide Issues


      2 Building a Standard Intel Edison Image

      between 1. (install prerequisite packages) and 2. (download and tar the bsp) i would add a point to configure git otherwise 5. (build) would fail


      $ git config --global user.email "your_email@example.com"

      Setting your email in Git - User Documentation

      3.4 Write a Yocto recipe from scratch


      please describe the line

      "LIC_FILES_CHKSUM = file://COPYING;md5=d32239bcb673463ab874e80d47fae504


      how is the md5 calculated?


      and whats the difference (COPYING vs LICENSE) to

      LIC_FILES_CHKSUM = file://LICENSE;md5=1d4b0366557951c84a94fabe3529f867

      from tcpdump?
      3.3 Add third-party packages to the image


      6. build/conf/bblayer.conf should be build/conf/bblayers.conf


      point 8 should be bitbake "opencv" based on your example otherwise opencv will not be added to the image

      not sure if bitbake edison-image is required afterwards or not

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          Hi Andre.M


          Thank you for your feedback, is going to be passed to the proper teams.


          About the difference between License and Copying, you could see more information in the Yocto Project Development website. In there you will find some more information about md5.


          And yes, you need bitbake edison-image, otherwise you only are verifying and building the package for your recipe




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            regarding 3.3 in addition to 6. build/conf/bblayer.conf should be build/conf/bblayers.conf


            point 8 can be untouched but point 7 is wrong


            IMAGE_INSTALL: += "package-name" should be IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " package-name"



            Yocto Project Reference Manual

            Image recipes set IMAGE_INSTALL to specify the packages to install into an image through image.bbclass. Additionally, "helper" classes exist, such as core-image.bbclass, that can take IMAGE_FEATURES lists and turn these into auto-generated entries in IMAGE_INSTALL in addition to its default contents.

            Using IMAGE_INSTALL with the += operator from the /conf/local.conf file or from within an image recipe is not recommended as it can cause ordering issues. Since core-image.bbclass sets IMAGE_INSTALL to a default value using the ?= operator, using a += operation against IMAGE_INSTALL will result in unexpected behavior when used in conf/local.conf. Furthermore, the same operation from within an image recipe may or may not succeed depending on the specific situation. In both these cases, the behavior is contrary to how most users expect the += operator to work.

            When you use this variable, it is best to use it as follows:
                 IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " package-name"
            Be sure to include the space between the quotation character and the start of the package name or names.