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    Core i3 4000m Advanced Technologies


      Hi all!

      I have a question: Does Core i3 4000m Haswell support Fast Memory Access, Flex memory access, Intel My WiFi Technology, Idle States and 4G WiMAX Wireless Technology?

      Thank for all answers!

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          Hello LinhKent,


          This processor supports different technologies. Idle States are supported by the processor but also must be supported by the motherboard to have it working.


          Flex Memory Technology is more related to the memory Stick configuration with the motherboard. Also I can confirm that all our Intel® Core processors support Intel® Fast Memory access since the memory controller is inside the processor in order to increase performance and reduce latency.


          Intel® WiFi Technology is more related to the wireless connection as well the WiMAX so this is something related to the Wireless cards. I do can confirm this processor supports Intel® Wireless Display by having all necessary hardware and software configuration.


          Hope this helps.


          Kevin M