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    Intel (R) HD graphics 4000 update failure




      I'm having a major problem with my laptop's Intel (R) HD graphics 4000 drivers.


      Order of events:

      - purchased a new game, which suggested that I update my video cards

      - I used the automatic windows driver update system for my Invidia and intel graphics hardware

      - Upon re-starting the computer, all graphics settings had been lost, defaulting to 800x600, and my second monitor (vga cable) was not being reckognized at all

      - I eventually got a pop up stating that updating of the drivers for the intel (r) HD graphics 4000 had failed

      - upon examining the device, the only option available from the "general" tab was "reinstall drivers" which I did

      - restarted again

      - Same pop-up

      - Upon going to the "drivers" tab for the component, it only allowed "uninstall" "disable", "update", options, "rollback drivers" was greyed-out

      - I attempted another update

      - same failure

      - I eventually tried to uninstall and reinstall the drivers

      - upon uninstalling the drivers, the listing for the intel (r) HD graphics 4000 vanished from the hardware list

      - I attempted to detect hardware

      - A device called "video controller (VGA compatible)" has taken its place


      I then spent the next 4 hours attempting to register for this support forum, since the registration page continually had its own "connection failure" message.


      OS: windows 7


      This is incredibly inconvenient, and shakes my faith in any intel products.  There is no point in updating drivers if even attempting to do so cripples my entire computer set-up.