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    Gamma scheduler suggestion


      Ease the eyestrain suggestion:


      It is possible for example to schedule Windows 7 themes by changing theme with Task Scheduler.

      Perhaps the Intel Graphics controller could include a drastic reduce of gamma with distinction between fullscreen videoplayback/gaming and desktop work/browsing during darker hours?

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          Hi Pvp,


          Our graphics control panel supports gama configuration. You can access the Intel® Graphics and Control Panel > Display> Color Settings> Color Enhancement> Gama.


          This is configuration you can use as a profile but the at this point is not possible to set gamma with distinction between fullscreen video playback/gaming and desktop work/browsing.


          You can try with the Windows Task Scheduler:



          Kevin M

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            Hey Kevin,


            About eyestrain to release that problem there is currently two solutions on this system.

            1) With task scheduler it changes to a darker windows theme at 18.00 and back again at 6.00. But if the computer is turned off and on, it might not be the correct theme.

            2) There is a little download able program PangoBright which makes the display dim. But is it possible to use Intel Profile and change it with task scheduler instead? Any guide to that? The profile just have to reduce brightness to about 60% during night.

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              If you have a mobile system this feature may be enabled but by the Computer Manufacture and most of the times it is included on Power Options.


              From the Intel® Graphics Control Panel, at this point there is no option to set this automatically or setup another program from here.


              Kevin M