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    Edison for Arduino SPI Problems. Does anyone have simple  example using SPI on the Edison using the Arduino IDE? ?


      I have a simple program that runs well on the Arduino UNO, but when I try it on the Edison, it looks like the output is corrupted with a 100 HZ output signal on the lines. It seems to be related to the GPIO setup


      #include <SPI.h>


      void setup()


        // -------- SPI initialization

        pinMode(10, OUTPUT);  // Set the SS pin as an output

        digitalWrite(10, HIGH);  // Set the SS pin HIGH

        SPI.begin();  // Begin SPI hardware

        SPI.setClockDivider(SPI_CLOCK_DIV32);  // Slow down SPI clock




      void loop()







          delay(3);  //



      So, What am I missing to make this simple code work properly on the Edison?