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    How to update MFSYS25V2 to 10.18 firmware



      I have an Intel Modular Server System MFSYS25V2 with fw Version

      I currently have two problems:


      1) The CMM reboots about every 90-120 minutes. I see sequence of these events:

      Server Power Permission Revoked

      CMM Startup - Version

      Storage Controller Operational

      Server Power Permission Granted


      2) I have configured the passphrase for the predefined SNMPv3 user that I use to manage fencing operations of the blades that are configured as cluster nodes (CentOS, oVirt, etc..)

      When the CMM restarts, it seems it looses the passphrase configuration, so that I'm forced to connect and re-set it every time because it doesn't match anymore


      I see another thread regarding 1) but without particular answers. My hw should be in THOL and the problem appeared some days ago, without any recent hw modification..

      I see that 10.18 fw has been released and more up to date.

      Using it I would loose Virtualization feature, but I'm not using it so it is not a problem for me.

      Going through release notes I see that requires 10.x pre-installed and going back it's the same until 10.3.

      And 10.3 requires 10.1, but I don't find any download link for 10.1


      Can anyone tell me if and how can I go from to and if there any any drawbacks?


      Tahnks in advance,