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    How to generate custom signal with Edison


      Hi everyone,


      I'm trying to find a way to generate custom signal with Edison.

      I found out that people usually does that with Arduino by doing something like this :




      digitalWrite(pin, HIGH);
       digitalWrite(pin, LOW);
       delayMicrosecond(peridod - dutycycle);


      This code assumes (I guess) that it will be used on a real time chip, therefore it make possible to generate whatever signal we want.


      I'm trying to find a way to do that with Edison. The reason is that I have this ledstrip :



      The datasheet says that each LED's color have to be set by sending into the green wire their color like this :

      long pulse = 1 (0.7 microsecond)

      short pulse = 0 (0.35 microsecond)



      Do you have any idea how can I do that with Edison (with mraa for instance)?


      ps: this could be usefull to generate sound on a piezzo buzzer


      Thank you in advance