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    a strange bug between "trace" and "ADC" in edison arduino


      I found a strange bug between trace and ADC, and i think it is a bug of Arduino IDE.

      yocto: ww42

      arduino: 1.5.4-intel 1.0.4


      1, I add trace_enable(0); in arduino-1.5.3-Intel.1.0.4\hardware\arduino\edison\cores\arduino main.cpp file, to disable the trace output. Then I cannot use the adc port 0-5.


      trace_init(VARIANT_TRACE_LEVEL, 0);


      trace_enable(0); // i add this to diable trace


      2, if I only disable trace_debug by


      it will report  "find_iio_dev_name  Can't find ADC driver ads7955 entry in ...."  (sys)and ADC still cannot work


      3, firstly i thought maybe the initialization work needs some interval time, so I replce all trace_debug/trace_error and trace_info with usleep(100000), it still cannot work.


      4, I comment out the printf functions in trace_main() in trace.c, then ADC  worked

      if(tdesc.trace_target & TRACE_TARGET_UART){

             if( tmsg.tlevel == TRACE_LEVEL_ERROR){

                  //fprintf(stderr, tmsg.tbuf);








      It seems some works in trace affect ADC's initialization, and I dont know what it is.

      AND I repeat the same problem in two edison arduino boards.