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    Edison - Nuisance:  First char in serial window gone


      Hello All,

      This is more of a nuisance issue than anything else - but I was wondering if any of you are seeing this.

      I am using both Putty and RealTerm to connect to the serial ports on the Edison systems that I have.

      I have the mini-breakout and the Arduino clone.

      If I connect via the serial ports - and that terminal window sits for at least a few seconds - the first character is

      mysteriously consumed or 'gone' - I always have to retype that initial command.

      The terminal window is OK if I am actively using it - but as soon as it goes idle and I come back in a few minutes - the

      same thing - the first char of what I type is gone.

      Anyone else seeing this?

      Reminds me of a problem I saw long ago.


      John W.