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    Power input since power supply




      I crated my manufacturing prototype


      I want to power my edison since a power supply (DC female connector) like the "arduino board".

      But when i see a datasheet for intel edison. It's specified "Power : Input 3.3 to 4.5 V"


      If i use a power supply with output 5v 5A : 5 PCS/LOT DC Step Down Converter Dual Channel output 12V 24V 8 30V to 5V 10A Power Supply for Car LED Screen #090610-in …

      Do Edison will tolerate this or not ?


      I use dual output 5v, because i make audio iot and it have to separate the power edison and power DAC (digital analogue Converter) for not have a parasite.


      Nb : if you think that i must use another power supply with dual output. i listen you