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    [Bug] Bios menus not working


      Installed the new BIOS Update [WYLPT10H.86A]

      and according to Performance tab help text (and external guides) there should turn up a detailed menu when clicking "cores" or the other, but there is only one option working and that is the "graphics multiplier" setting that defaults to 20. All the other settings are non-interactive. But if written in the search bar at top - for example "mode" lots of these settings turn up and can be adjusted. But that is buggy as well, since for example drop down menus appear below the main menu that drops down from the search...

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          And also when using Intel(R) Extreme Tuning Utility it doesn't completely corrospond with BIOS settings, because when disabling real time tuning in BIOS performance, some of those settings still appears adjustable in Tuning Utility but after a reboot, settings are gone. Though when enabling real time tuning in BIOS some of the settings sustain, but the graphics multiplier did not ...

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            Hello PVP, thanks for joining the Intel Community. I really appreciate your feedback.  I’m going to report this right away to the corresponding team.


            I would like to know if you are experiencing this behavior only with this BIOS version?


            Thanks again

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              I have the same experience with my NUC.


              The problem came with WY0028.bio.


              Any version before that, such as WY0027.bio and WY0026.bio, have a fully working performance-tab.


              But all versions since WY0028.bio including the latest WY0033.bio is failing on this.

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                Hey Sylvia,


                Don'the know about other bios versions! It was just because of a darn new computer game CoDAW that started the wonder whether that performance tab in Bios could improve anything. But conclusion was that this NUC is already superfast and that changes to BIOS performance requires extra cooling, which won'the fit in a NUC and also is uninteresting. That game is really also only a point and click - nothing new, and it'seems graphics requirement is absurd.

                Because the NUC is not meant for extra cooling installed, suggest removal of those settings in the NUC BIOS ...

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                  That was a very bad suggestion.


                  I run my NUC with Akasa Newton X chassi which have a far greater cooling area (heatsink) for the CPU and GPU to use (estimated at least 20 times or so larger not counting the folding in the heatsink) than the builtin stuff which the NUCs comes with from Intel. And if I need any extra cooling I can just put a fan close to this Newton X chassi.


                  And since NUCs are sold by Intel both with chassi and without I would say they really are designed to be used with extra cooling for those who wants/need it (I mean its not like with some laptops where the heatsink could basically be soldered onto the motherboard making it virtually impossible to replace).

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                    Hey @Apachez,


                    If the machine has got extra coolers, doesn't it detect that? Quite sure it's got some temperature meters, and when they are low, it yields that more turbo .. silently! And it's already superfast!! So it's probably best to remove those settings in interface that make users think, it is something that needs configuring. Besides, humans are competitive (racing) and curious (puzzle) and nervous (smoking) and probably fiddles with those settings for all other reasons than optimisation. It's easy to throw out a PC game with absurd graphics requirements, for example Skyrim has some disturbing algorithm when character is looking while movement is fine, even on the coolest rigs with extra extra graphics power. And graphics is really not the most important stimulant, for example chess is quite popular and doesn't require tomorrows graphics power. The human minds just need problems, without them there wouldn't be any discussions in these forums, all the IT support would go unemployed, that's why they had to publish Windows 8, when finally Windows 7 was just super perfect !

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                      There is no detection of extra coolers.  The temperature meters are there to avoid frying your CPU if a fan fails and not to control turbo mode.  People who go into BIOS settings know what they're doing and like to have those settings there.

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                        I totally agree with LeszekM.


                        Just because you Pvp doesnt know the settings in the BIOS doesnt mean that Intel should remove them for those who do.

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                          Hey, the latest BIOS upgrade seems to have fixed the BUG mentioned in this topic!


                          By the way Intel's got the best most detailed BIOS software compared to Acer and HP. HP's got the worst, because after experience with many PCs they've managed to put foreign into newer PCs. Example: BIOS language <-- A PC to 2000 euro and HP can't even provide the system language in basic international.

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