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    Comments on the Getting Started MAC wired guide and other beginner stuff




      Firstly apologies if this is in the wrong place. I am new to this forum.


      I was lucky enough to win an Edison plus the Arduino Break Out board and the Seend Studio Sensor pack at the recent Indestructables give away. Thanks!.


      Yesterday I installed the Edison and successfully flashed it on my Mac Mini running OS/X 10.10.1 Yosemitie, using the Getting Started Wired Guide from this site.


      The first point is, as shipped to me the Edison had no files (image) on it. The getting started guide indicated that it should have.


      Second point is that the instructions for repartitioning the Edison seem to use an old version of the OS/X Disk utility. It sure is different than the one I have.


      By using my brain a little I managed to overcome these minor issues and I managed to install Linux.


      By digging around a little I managed to find some instructions on how to log into root using the Mac Terminal program. I downloaded a book called "The hands-on INTEL manual lab" by Kirniawan Agus which showed me how to configure Linux so I could change the Hostname, Root Password, Connect to my Wifi network. There are other chapters I have yet to try on using Python, C or Node.JS to control hardware. So I have plenty to play with. The book is terse and English is not the guy's first language I guess, but it works for me.


      The only problem I have found so far is that I installed Nano, a simple text editor as my brain is neither big enough or young enough to cope with Vi :-). If I run Nano then quit it it seems to corrupt the OS/X terminal program. I have not found a solution to this yet. If anyone has solved this problem please let me know.





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          Hello Tesla,


          If you're having trouble using Nano as an alternative for vi, you can always use your main computer to create the file you need and then copy it to where you need it in your Edison's internal memory through an SD Card. However I encourage you to use the Edison's native vi, it's a lot more user friendly than the desktop version, actually you can use the arrow keys to move, why don't you give it a try? you can learn more about vi here: VI and VIM editor: Tutorial and advanced features




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            Hi Peter,


            Thanks for the prompt response. I will give Vi and VIM a try. I don't think using Nano is a problem, it is just that when I quit it it seems to have a weird effect on the Apple Terminal App in that output from the Edison no longer appear line by line as they did before but all on the same line. I guess it is some sort of mismatch between the terminal  mode Nano uses and the one that OS/X has. I am old enough to remember PDP/11s and VT100, VT52 problems back in the day when I programmed for money rather than for fun :-)


            So far I am pretty impressed with the Edison (though Intel should have called it the Tesla, who was the most innovative of the two inventors). It is somewhat easier for me to work with than the RPi and Beaglebone black, both of which I have used.