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    DH87MC boot problem with new monitor


      System: DH87MC motherboard - BIOS version 0047 - Win 7 / 64bit


      Just bought a new monitor DELL P2851Q connected it via DisplayPort while the Win 7 was up and running

      - installed everything including newest drivers - first in parallel to my previous PnP Monitor and it seemed to work fine.


      When trying to boot with the new monitor switched on (both monitors or only the new one switched on)

      the system stops during some BIOS check and I get a blinking cursor.

      Only when connecting my old monitor switched on and the new one switched off

      I get the message "BIOS has detected unsuccessful POST attemp... ....

      or recent hardware changes ... Press 'Y' to enter Setup or 'N' to cancel and

      attempt to boot with previous settings.


      Entering 'N' since the new monitor is switche off anyway,

      I can then boot with my old monitor and only after the BIOS has handed over to Windows

      then its possible to power on the new monitor.

      The new monitor will then be correctly identified by Win 7.


      It may be an issue of my "old" BIOS 0047.

      Reading the "Release Notes.pdf" of the latest BIOS

      and the FAQ pages there was no indication of any problem like this

      and I don't want to go for a trial an error approach installing a new BIOS.


      Could you please comment whether there is a fix for this issue?