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    Maximum Resolution for External Display Problem


      Hello, I recently purchased an X1 Carbon with 2560x1440 (WQHD). It uses Intel 4400 HD graphics. Using an HDMI cable, I connected it to an external monitor that has a 1920x1080 resolution. When I use the extended display function, I'm unable to get a nice display on both screens. When I'm having a nice resolution on the X1 Carbon, then everything is very tiny on the external monitor and vice versa. I'm running Windows 8.1 Pro and I know that there are some configurations where it's possible to enlarge manually the texts and icons but when I do that, it enlarges them on both screens. Therefore, as soon as one screen becomes perfect, the other one is to big or too small... For the moment, the solution that I have found is to lower the resolution of the x1 carbon screen to 1600x900. This way the icons are big enough and the external monitor is perfect. However, of course 1600x900 is blurred compared to 2560x1440. Also, I paid for WQHD and I feel that lowering is a non sense. Is there any solution for that problem. Anything I can do to configure the monitors separately? Thanks in advance.

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          Hi Dazou84


          Are you using the "Clone Displays" option so that both of your displays have the same content? If yes, what you are seeing is expected behavior. Clone display will use the same resolution for both display rather than the native or optimal resolution for each display. So unless both displays have the same native resolution one of the displays will be set to less than optimal and may not be visually satisfactory.


          What you can do is change it to "Extended Desktop". Then you can use the optimal resolution for each display. You can then change the size for text, icons, etc are shown on each display using the Windows Display Personalization feature.


          To Set to Extended Desktop:

          1. Right click the Desktop, click "Adjust Resolution".

          2. In the Multiple Displays dropdown, Select "Extend these displays". Be sure to select which one you want as a primary display and also drag the images of the displays in the configuration window to match the position you have them set up as.

          3. Click "Apply", and click "Yes" to keep the settings.

          4. If the resolution for each display did not automatically change to the optimal resolution for teach display, use the Resolution dropdown to select the maximum resolution for each display.


          Once that is set the images on the WQHD display will probably be to small. To change the size of what is displayed, follow these steps:


          1. Right click the Desktop, click "Personalization".

          2. In the lower right corner click "Display"

          3. Now click one of the size selections and click "Apply"

          4. Reboot and see if that had the desired outcome. If not , try one of the other options.





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            Hello Robert. Thanks a lot for your efforts. However, it didn't resolve my issue.


            I'm not cloning the displays. I want them to be extended.


            I did all the steps that you suggested in the first capture. As you predicted the WQHD is too small. When I try to increase the size of what is displayed, then it increases also on the second monitor. There is no possibility to increase it only for the laptop. Both go together. Very frustrating....

            Any other ideas ?

            Thanks again.


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              I do not know of a way to change the size per display. Its a Windows universal setting so it impacts all connected displays.