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    NUC D34010WYK Display issues




      On the 7th of November I have bought an Intel nuc d34010wykh. I have had some display issues that recently have grown worse.


      My current setup is as follows:

      • NUC connected to TV with mini hdmi to hdmi cable.
      • Windows 8.1 with all updates
      • I have installed all the latest intel drivers
      • NUC is updated to the latest BIOS version


      My issues are as follows:

      - Every 20-30 minutes, the screen becomes black for a few seconds and then comes back on. Sometimes this causes an HDMI handshake issue, turning the TV off and on resolves this. But is annoying.

      - When I shut down the NUC (S5) and start it back up with the power button, I have no output to the TV. Windows starts fine, because after a few seconds I can log in to the system via RDP. It does not matter at what point I restart the system (immediately, after 5 minutes, after 12 hours...), the problem is always the same

      - Te only way to restore the issue above is to shut down the nuc, remove the power supply, put it back in and boot.

      - Rebooting the NUC (windows -> restart) does not give any problems! (given I had display output before restarting)


      What I have tried:

      • All available BIOS versions
      • Removing all unnecessary devices (USB, HDDs, WiFI etc)
      • Re-installing windows
      • Different HDMI cables (Ive bought for 30 euros in HDMI cables now..)
      • I moved the NUC motherboard to an Akasa case, temperatures are fine, never went higher than 45C
      • Put the TV and NUC on a different outlet
      • Put the NUC on a grounded outlet and on a non-ground outlet
      • Using the mini displayport instead of the mini-hdmi
      • Disabling auto-detect connection in the BIOS, setting it to HDMI or Displayport, depending on the cable
      • Search the forums for people with similar issues.


      Things I have noted, but not sure what to make of it

      • There is a high pitched noise coming from the cpu/gpu area. Similar to the noise coming from any AC adapter.
      • When plugging in any peripheral device (USB, HDMI) I sometimes notice little sparks


      If someone could please give a suggestion on how to resolve this, I would be very grateful. I've spent a lot of money on a NUC assuming 'it would just work' and not deal with this kind of hassle, but alas.




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          Hello Xepo,


          Checking all the information you have provided (by the way excellent description)I think you are having a similar problem to the one discussed here https://communities.intel.com/thread/39881


          I wonder what happens if you connect the NUC with a monitor? Have you tried updating the TV’s firmware?


          I would also like to get more information so can you please provide the dxdiag report, graphics report and system information?

          How to get it?

          Dxdiag Report: Type dxdiag in Start Menu> open> Save> Attach using Advanced Editor Options.


          System Information: Click Start> Type System Information> Click File> Export> Save File> Attach using Advanced Editor Options.


          Graphics Report: Right click on desktop> Graphics Properties> Options> Drop Down Menu> Information Center> Save> Attach using Advanced Editor Options.



          Kevin M

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            Hello Kevin,


            Thank you for the reply. Shame on me for missing that huge topic...


            Regarding your questions:

            1) Unfortunately I don't have a monitor at hand. I might be able to test this in a week or so.

            2) My TV's firmware is up to date (sony KDL-32w655a)


            I do have an update on my side:

            • When using the mini display port, I no longer experience the intermittent blackouts while watching a video. I'm not that much into the technicalities of the display port, so I don't really know what the important difference is with HDMI. Could it be that HDMI sometimes re-establishes its handshake, while mini-display does not?
            • When I enable 'Deep S4/S5' in the bios. The black screen from boot no longer occurs. I can now shutdown windows and restart at any time without issues. However, this deep S4/S5 mode also disables the infrared receiver, so I can no longer turn the unit on with a remote.


            With these workarounds the nuc suits my needs. I can however still provide you with the files you asked for, but I'm not sure if they are of any help? I cannot create these reports without a screen (and I think graphics and dxdiag reports should be from the 'troubled state'?). I can RDP into the machine and fetch the reports, but I think that I then get a report from the 'virtual display'?

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              Thank you for sharing this feedback. I am sure it will be very helpful for other users.

              At this point, it seems you managed to get it working with a workaround so If you can provide the information will be great but if not that is okay.


              Kevin M