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    Edison - Arduino - 12V Supply Circuit Doesn't Work Right Out Of The Box


      Hello All,


      Just picked up a few Edison Boards - the first of which is the Edison Arduino - I plugged into USB and followed the video and plugged in a 12V supply.

      I noticed right off the bat something was wrong with the 12 side of things, but I continued on just using the USB power.


      I was able to load the latest image and run the 'blinky' demo and connect to the web-server running on the board.


      I decided to check out some of the 12V circuitry - there doesn't seem to be any physical damage so I put it on one of my precision desktop

      supplies and current limited it to 3A.  Upon plugging it in - it immediately current limited to 3A.  I had the supply voltage side set to 8.6V.


      So, I would have to conclude at this point it appears the board could have an internal fault; or one of the active components is clamping to ground - but

      since I think more current went through some of those components than what they are rated - they should have blown or melted right off the board.

      So, it would appear that maybe there is a fault on the board some place.


      I will return this board for an exchange; but if someone at Intel wants me to bring it by - I will be happy to do that.  I am local in the Bay Area.

      The box looked like it had come straight from the factory - I did a quick board inspection.  The top of the board is pretty clean; but I see what looks

      like 'no-clean' residue on the bottom of the board.  Not a big deal by itself since there aren't components loaded on the bottom; but at the same time

      I was a little surprised to see that.


      A quick ohm-meter reading of Vin to GND looks to be in the ~ 70-ohm range - which looks OK - but not sure what happens at t(0+) - but going to 3A isn't good - not

      for this board anyway.


      I will check back - I hope I posted this to the correct location.