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    Galileo TFT LCD Installation


      Hello Everyone,

      I'm a little new to the scene so excuse me if this post comes off intermediate.  As a newbie, I've been successful at installing PIR sensors, serial LCD, and GPS receivers, with little to no help. I spend a great deal of time salvaging old parts from electronics. A local store supplies me with an abundance of used peripherals including step motors from old printers. I recently purchased a TFT LCD that I would love to get working on my Galileo. I'm ok at reading pinouts however in this case I'm completely stumped and prefer not to ruin my board or the LCD screen. Any help getting the pins sorted out would be greatly appreciated.


      TFT LCD

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      Please let me know if its even possible to attach this screen to a Galileo. I can provide pictures of the actual PCB if it helps any. Thanks