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    7260 AC+BT problem with both Wifi and Bluetooth


      Laptop: Lenovo Y50-70, 8.1 x64 up to date

      Wireless router: Canyon CNP-WF514N1A

      Bluetooth mouse: Logitech M555B

      Wifi driver: All of them. One at a time. 17.0, 17.05, 17.1, 17.13

      Sometimes, and I mean it, sometimes my speedtest is ~70mpbs. At this point, my download speed is around 8Mb/s and my mouse is barely usable. The cursor slows down an lags but it can be used.

      But most of the time my speedtest is around ~30mbps. My download speed is under 3 Mb/s and the mouse is unusable. The cursor has an unbelievable lag and it is basically useless.

      I have tried changing the settings in Device manager. I have tried to edit the registry. I have tried to switch Bt off to test the Wifi. No change. I have tried to test Wifi by turning Bt off. No change.

      No microwave interference, I barely have GSM signal at my place.

      I have tried all the drivers and no driver at all.

      The cursor lags when gaming, even with the Wifi turned OFF.


      I ran out of ideas. I want it to work. This is the best wireless card I can get In Romania, so I cannot make an upgrade.