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    Can't boot from USB drive with ISO elementary OS


      Just bought a new NUC i5 (WYK), installed 128 GB Samsung EVO mSATA ssd and 2x4MB crucial SODIMM (1.35v). I then inserted a USB thumb drive with an ISO file from the elementary OS Luna website (I selected live when copying to the thumb drive).

      Now, when I power up NUC with USB inserted, it says no bootable disc.

      I went into BIOS and selected USB first from boot menu, but that didn't help.

      Then I tried deselecting UEFI boot and selecting Legacy boot and rebooted. This time, it said media was present, install from PCx6, but then nothing happens.

      I read on Intel and Luna boards that you also have to check that SecureBoot is disabled, which it has been the whole time.

      Please help! Really need to load this OS on my new NUC this weekend!

      Many thanks.