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    Asus Maximus VII Formula W/ On-Board Intel I218V won't connect at 1gbps


      I just built this computer yesterday and have updated all BIOS and Drivers along the Motherboard I am connecting to a linksys wrt 1900AC with a Cat6 cable that was used on my older computer(connecting at 1Gbps) I cannot think of anything else and I do not have any other NIC cards to install in a PCI slot to find out if it's just the onboard nic. I have set the card to auto-negotiation and 100.00 Mbps full duplex is all I get I tried to force the 1Gbps connection and windows tells me that I have a cable unplugged until I change it back. Jumbo Packets are disabled. I have been trying to find anyone with the same problem online and I have seen a couple of posts not related to this specific card.

      Thanks in advance for any help that you provide.