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    IRST smart event warning, windows 8


      I have a 64gb msata, 750gb primary hdd and a 1tb secondary hdd which i use for storing my media files. It was working well until i formatted my laptop. Since I'm using the primary hdd for the OS and the msata as a cached drive, there is no problem in booting and running any application. But IRST pops up a warning. There is an option to suppress the warning but it keeps popping up every time i boot up my pc. It's getting really annoying and i cant find any solution on the web. Can anybody tell me if it is my hdd or the software i didn't set properly. Thank you so much in advance. Any help will be appreciated.Untitled.jpg

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          It seems your 1 TB drive is reporting SMART events to Intel® Rapid Storage Technology.

          I recommend you checking the SMART attributes and/or running the diagnostic software provided by the hard drive manufacturer. The data in that disk may be at risk, so it is a good idea to create a back up.

          If further assistance is needed in regards of Intel® Rapid Storage Technology we suggest providing the IRST version and Intel® Chipset model.

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