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    Proset Customization disable hotspot assistant


      We have Cisco access points and thus require the Proset software to enable the Radio Measurement setting on our Intel WiFi cards.  We have been successful in customizing the setup.xml file so that the WIFI_UI option is off as we don't want the Intel Wireless assistant installed.   Why you ask?  Because it seems to delete any saved wifi profiles injected using netsh wlan add profile.


      In any case, it still has this Intel Wifi Hotspot assistant utility installed that offers to connect to any open WiFi networks that it finds. I don't mind it's functionality, but I don't want the end user license agreement to pop up for every user.  These machines will not be going off site and so we would like to avoid installing the entire feature if possible.


      I tried turning off WiFi_Software in setup.xml but the ProSet refuses to install with this setting off.   I'm having a terrible time finding documentation about which options are dependent on each other or anything about controlling the hotspot assistant.  Does anyone know how to keep this license agreement from showing?

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          Hi Iconiu, this feature can be disabled individually from Control Panel.

          Intel® Wi-Fi Products — Using the Intel® WiFi HotSpot Assistant

          Let me investigate if there is a workaround for this using Setup.xml.

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            Hi Joe,


            Being that we have up to 50 users per computer, of which there are 16,000, there is a lot of wasted time in our organization having to click the hotspot assistant.  Your solution would have each user click multiple times to disable a feature that requires only one click to dismiss and not come up again.  We are going in the opposite direction.


            Fortunately I have a contact from dell who provided this working solution.  If you add HOTSPOT=DISABLE to the properties section of setup.xml, it seems to disable this feature and not ask any questions of our users.  This is the final solution we came up with to make intel WiFi cards work correctly with Cisco access points and not bother our users.


            <SelectableFeature Id="WIFI_Driver" Display="yes" Selected="yes"/>
                    <SelectableFeature Id="WIFI_BTHS" Display="yes" Selected="yes"/>
                    <SelectableFeature Id="WIFI_Software" Display="no" Selected="yes"/>
                    <SelectableFeature Id="WIFI_MWT_Software" Display="yes" Selected="yes"/>
                    <SelectableFeature Id="WIFI_UI" Display="no" Selected="no"/>
                    <SelectableFeature Id="WIFI_PROSet" Display="yes" Selected="yes"/>
                    <SelectableFeature Id="WIFI_Admin_Toolkit" Display="no" Selected="no"/>


                    <Package Id="WiFi">

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              Iconiu, the link above was not meant to be the definitive solution; I am aware it was not exactly practical for your scenario, but it was what I had handy while we investigate.

              I am glad you were able to find the solution and post it here for other users who may need it in the future. I will suggest including this information in an article such as the ones that already exist.