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    Build custom package in a new Yocto layer


      Hi guys,

      Suppose I want to build a new Edison Yocto image with the nano editor made available through a new, custom layer. I want the layer to be custom for educational reasons, otherwise I would have used Edison's BSP doc and added the nano recipe to meta-edison-distro as suggested. Let's call this layer myLayer (meta-edison-mylayer, to be conformant with the other layer's names). Since nano is not provided through Yocto's package repository, it makes a little bit more sense to have it's own recipe.


      I added the new layer to build/conf/bblayers.conf :

      BBLAYERS ?= " \ [...]

                                <path to edison source>/device-software/meta-edison-mylayer \



      The contents of the new layer is as follows :








      Now, I know the nano recipe file (nano.2.2.6.bb) is written right because I have no problems running the bitbake nano command. Therefore, I don't think that it's worth dumping here (please say otherwise).


      layer.conf is standard and looks good to me:

      # We have a conf and classes directory, add to BBPATH



      # We have a recipes-* directories, add to BBFILES

      BBFILES := "${BBFILES} ${LAYERDIR}/recipes-*/*/*.bb \



      BBFILE_COLLECTIONS += "edison-mylayer"

      BBFILE_PATTERN_edison-mylayer = "^${LAYERDIR}/"

      BBFILE_PRIORITY_edison-mylayer = "6"


      edison-image.bbapend was based on the one found in the meta-edison-arduino layer with a little bit more conformity towards the Yocto specifications:

      IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " nano"


      So everything looks good to me, but when I do a bitbake edison-image command, I get the following screen:



      Can anyone tell me what am I doing wrong? What am I missing?

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