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    Can't upload sketches


      Hello everyone,


      I have flashed my Intel Edison with Arduino Board, and now I was trying to upload the Basic Blink sketch.. However, when I try to upload, it fails, and I see on the terminal running with Edison on Serial Port that the compiler sends the line "~sketch download", and the board replies "command not found".
      How could I solve that? Is it possible to upload a sketch through command line or wi-fi?


      Thank you,
      I'm sorry if my English is bad, I'm from Italy, hope you understood.

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          You need to make certain that your Edison Arduino board is connected to the computer via the USB port closes to the middle of the board.  If you use the outer connector, it will not allow you to program the device.


          Also, you need to pick the correct serial port on your computer from within the Arduino IDE.  I cannot explain how to do this easily, but it is usually the last device in the list that shows as "ttyCU" or something.  If you provided a screenshot showing the serial port connection list within the IDE while the Edison Arduino board is connected via the middle USB port, we could probably tell you which one to use.

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            I love you, man! I connected both the microUSB in the middle and the big USB in the middle, and then I got the Serial Port /dev/ttyACM0, instead of ttyUSB0 that I used before.
            Thank you very much!