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    D54250WYKH problems after driver install




      I just today bought a D54260WYKH, installed a 1tb 2,5 disk and 4gb ram into it.


      Fired it up and installed windows 8.1 on it using a usb stick. Everything worked fine.


      Then I decided to upgrade the drivers for it, using Intel Driver Update Utility Installer.exe


      It did its thing, failed one of them but kept going.

      It wanted to restart, so I did.

      After that the NUC won't find the harddrive, nor will it find any usb stick(i've tried two different ones)

      It does recognize my usb mouse and keyboard however.


      Now the problem I have, I want to update the BIOS to the latest, but I can't since it won't find any usb sticks that I put it on after the driver update.


      The only thing I can see in my boot order inside BIOS, is LAN, ipv4 and ipv6.

      I've tried resetting BIOS with removing the yellow CMOS pin following guides on INTELS support site, but it doesnt work since it wants to use that usb stick for an image to recover to.


      Im not sure what to do next.







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          Hi cthuni,


          What drivers did you upgrade when running the Intel® Driver Update Utility? What is the current BIOS version and what is the BIOS version you are trying to install?


          If you access the BIOS, under Boot tab> Boot configuration> Boot Devices is the option Boot To USB devices checked?


          Kevin M

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            Hi Kevin!


            What drivers:

            When I fired up the Intel® Driver Update Utility, I just let it update all updates that were available on its own. I figured it would find the correct ones and install them.

            The current BIOS version is WYLPT10H.86A.0021.2013.1017.1606, and the one I downloaded after the issues arose are wy0032.bio. Although I have not been able to upgrade to this version of BIOS due to the fact that the NUC doesnt recognize the USB sticks I put the file on.


            Regarding Boot Devices, yes the USB option is enabled, same as Optical and Network. Under boot Priority I can only see Network interfaces right now.


            Thanks in advance for your response!


            Best regard,

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              And what happens if you try with another USB device?

              Please note that when updating the BIOS is important to do it in order and I mean going one by one. If you jump many BIOS versions you may encounter problems with the system. This may not be the case but just for you to take in consideration for the future.

              Try another USB device and test it on all USB ports but if issue persists; I think you may need to contact our support center for a possible replacement.

              Here is the contact information:


              Kevin M