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    Intel edison starts (boots) in rescue mode !



      I'm new to this forum, so I hope I got yhe right location for posting my question.

      Normally I try to solve issues on my own, but this time I'm really stuck.

      I have an Intel Edison and an Arduino extension board. I'm following all the "getting started" lessons following them step by step. Everything works as expected with the first lessons, except for the BOOT mode.


      When I let the Edison to boot, it Always boot in "rescue mode" (or maintenance mode if you prefer) .  The prompt invites me type "control D" to start in default multi_user mode.  Then everything is OK and I can also load the software (for the moment I only load the examples through the Arduino executable).


      However if I don't type the famous "control D", the Linux remains in rescue mode, and I can't load any software.



      So this means that every time I connect the power to the board (without the serial connection to my PC) the Edison will Always remain in rescue mode becuase it boots in rescue mode.  It Always requires a "manual" intervention in order to start in multi_user mode.


      So, do you know any solution to let the boot automatically enter the default or multi_user mode ???   I can't find any solution.  May be there are some variables to set (permanently), but I can't find them.



      thanks for your help.