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    Asus Z87 Pro will not boot with a Intel X540-T2




      I just purchased a couple of Intel X540-T2 10GBE cards. Unfortunately my Asus X87 Pro motherboard will not boot with either of these NIC. I updated the BIOS of the motherboard to the latest version. I tried differrent PCIe slots (but the two main slots are PCIe 3.0 16x ports so should support this card. No other PCIe card connected on the motherboard.


      The motherboard doesn't really show any error message (the number on the LED is either "40" or "55"). No BIOS appearing on screen. The motherboard is powered by a powerful PSU and only has a few SSDs connected so it doesn't look like a power issue. The CPU is a i7-4771, no overclocking or anything.


      Has anyone experience similar issues with a Asus motherboard? I can see that some people are experiencing a similar problem here:



      Any idea if all Intel RJ45 10GBE are affected or if some models are compatible with Asus boards?