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    Low volume with Intel SST Audio Device version 603.9600.2801.45084 (06/27/2014)




      I recently purchased a Linx 8 Windows 8.1 tablet. It uses the Realtek I2S Audio Codec version 6.2.9600.4177 (09/22/2014) as well as Intel's SST Audio Device version 603.9600.2801.45084 (06/27/2014).


      When the volume is set to 100% and some headphones are plugged in the tablet will say that it's at 100% volume, but it's noticeably quieter than my PC, laptop, Nexus 7 and my Android phone. I believe that this is a driver problem, but I don't know where I could get some compatible drivers from to try and fix this. Of course I've contacted the manufacturer (Exertis UK) but they just link me to a set of drivers that the tablet already has installed.


      There's a forum thread filled with Linx 8 owners and we're all having this audio problem, so does anyone have any suggestions or downloads that I could try?


      I've attached my current set of audio drivers.