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    CoDAW on Intel NUC


      This is just a facts post!


      The Intel NUC is actually the first desktop PC capable of running 3D video games without extra graphics card!


      Hardware: Intel Nuc Kit D54250WYKH + 16 GB ram + 256GB SSD with Win 7 - 64bit + 1TB SSD with programs (CoDAW)


      Playable games (Anno 2070, CoDWaW, World of Warcraft v6, Thief 2014 ...)


      Intel HD Graphics Control Display Settings:

      Native Resolution: 1920x1080

      Refresh Rate: 60p Hz

      Intel HD Graphics Control 3D Settings:

      Application Optimal Mode Enabled

      Multi-Sample Anti-Aliasing: Use application settings

      Conservative Morphological Anti-aliasing: Override application settings

      General Settings: Performance


      Intel HD Graphics 5000 scores 6.5/7.9 in Windows Experience Index

      Intel Graphics Controls does not have a program FPS counter, so had to use FRAPS fps viewer


      Call of Duty Advanced Warfare settings:

      Fullscreen or Borderless Window

      Screen Refresh Rate: 75Hz

      Sync every frame: Yes

      Render Resolution: High (1408x880) (75%)

      Texture Quality: Automatic

      Anisotropic Filtering: High

      Shadow Options: Off

      Post Process Options: Low Quality, off, normal, on, on, on

      Anti-aliasing: FXAA

      Supersampling: Off

      Shader Preload: On


      FPS 23 (between 15-29)