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    GPIO Access Problem in Intel Galileo Gen2


      Hi ,


      I am facing  issue in Read Temperature(LM35)  from ADC in Gen-2. It is showing some garbage value.

      And also not able to access sys/class/gpio interface :


      echo -n "27" > /sys/class/gpio/export

      echo -n "out" > /sys/class/gpio/gpio27/direction

      cat /sys/class/gpio/gpio27/value  //Resutl 0 is showing

      echo -n "1" > /sys/class/gpio/gpio27/value

      echo -n "0" > /sys/class/gpio/gpio27/value


      I got reference from:

      Intel Galileo - Programming GPIO From Linux - Malinov Family Web Presence



      Value is changing in terminal but not in hardware.

      Same things is working fine on intel galileo gen-1


      Any help and suggestion ?