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    Intel 530 240gb stuttering in games


      Sorry my english is not well, its not my native language.

      So, i have stutterting problem in games with intel ssd 530 series 240gb. I find very accurate description of my problem from other user here:


      "I installed the OS on the first 530, and some games on the second 530.  After I fired up some games I immediately noticed intermittent stuttering during disk reads, which manifested itself as lag in games.  It wasn't constant, but it was enough to be quite noticeable and annoying.  I copied the same games to the first 530 and experienced the same issue.  The 335 does NOT have this issue (even after reinstalling the OS)."

      Its same as my problem. And my ssd not System disc too.

      I have already last firmware.

      I havent any stutter problems with HDD at all. So its only SSD problem 100%.

      Please, i am very hope for yours help.

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          Hi Sowushek,


          Thank you for sharing these details but I would like to know more information about this.


          Can tell me if this issue appears when gaming only? What if you try copying files from the SSD to another device or vice versa?

          Besides the above, can you confirm where is the SSD connected? Is it connected to an Intel Controller or Marvel? What is the brand and model of the computer?


          Kevin M

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            Hi Sowushek,


            You can also try disabling DIPM as other troubleshooting steps. Check steps here:



            Kevin M

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              Hi Kevin, thx for answer.

              I have no problem with copy from ssd to hdd or vice versa. And yes, i am suffer from stuttering only in games. No problems with other 2 hdd.

              As said its not constant stuttering, its mostly like 'random' freezes.


              Here some information from SSD Toolbox:

              Controller - Intel(R) 8 Series/C220 Chipset Family SATA AHCI Controller.

              Driver version -

              Channel IDE



              Computer spec:

              Intel i5-4670@3.40GHz

              Asus z87 PRO (V-Edition)

              Asus 780 gtx 3gb

              16gb ram

              2hdd 640+1Tb and ssd.



              I am trying you advice, but i am not sure what i must choose here?


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                Hello, thought I'd hijack your thread instead of starting a new one since I'm having similar issues.

                I wanted to speed my music production up a little by having a secondary SSD instead of HDD where I store all audio files.


                I have the NUC D54250WYKH with a Samsung 840EVO mSATA 120 gb as the OS disk (Windows 7 installed with UEFI) and an intel 530 120 gb as the secondary drive where I store all audio files. This does not only relate to music production, it relates to anything where read/write to the 530 disk happens. The stuttering is so bad I get flashbacks from using a Pentium 4 PC from 2004, disgusting.



                1. I have the latest BIOS and latest drivers for everything.

                2. I have tried various settings in BIOS with no success.

                3. The stuttering only happens when the 530 drive is being actively used by any software.




                I was really hoping I could avoid a mechanical drive since loading song arrangements is superfast now, but I can't do any kind of mixing or editing when the mouse cursor moves like crazy. It is 2014, not 2004.

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                  Have you tried running a secure erase or a low lever format on the SSD?


                  Kevin M

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                    Can you please let me know is the exact game name and video editing software you are using?


                    Kevin M

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                      Sorry, I exchanged it to a mechanical drive. Don't have time for troubleshooting nowadays. If things doesn't work it doesn't work. The system now runs OK but I have to endure WD's stupid head parking, spindown mechanism. Better than constant mouse freezes though and not relevant to you at Intel.