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    Intel HD Graphics Driver update changes screen resolution.


      Hello, I was wondering if anyone could help/had a solution for a problem I am having. I tried searching to see if anyone else had the same issue or tried anything different from what I've tried and haven't had any luck.


      I've been trying to update this driver for the past few days and have hit a roadblock that I can't get around. I'm trying to update the Intel HD Graphics Driver for Windows* 7/8/8.1. The current version on my computer is and I am trying to update it through the Intel Driver Update Utility to version


      And this is the system I am working with


      I'm not sure if my computer can't handle the update or not, regardless when I attempt to install to the latest version, either using the Update Utility or through the downloadable .EXE file, the screen resolution changes and will not let me return it to it's max/usual setting and will not allow me to change the windows 7 interface back, and the only "fix" is to restore to the old driver


      I have tried un-installing the driver and re-installing with the latest driver, which results in the same issue and having to restore back to the older version. Attempting to install previous versions, but newer than my own, results in it either keeping the older driver, or re-installing that same old/current driver.


      I've looked at the driver through the Device Manager and when the driver is updated to the latest it has the yellow triangle, which I'm assuming something went wrong with the installation of that driver but I have no clue how to repair that outside of the various times I've attempted to un-install and re-install the driver.


      I don't know if I've provided enough information to get help, but if anyone has any ideas on how I can fix this I'd really appreciate it.