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    First run on 13 V ok, secon day short circuit.


      Good Morning . I think I did damage.

      I powered the board means connector (J1) with 13V DC On the first day worked. Uploaded a blink skecth.

      The second day I do the same thing.  But the power supply indicates a short circuit . With a tester I measured the entrance of j1 and in effect is short-circuited .

      I followed the instructions : "When power is applied to J1 or VIN , the external power must be in the range of 7 to 17 V". With USB work but, thoroughly tested and cost that I can not load the sketch from the USB port J6 .

      But I am able to flash the image and see the prompt

      Can be repaired ?

      Can I buy a power supply?

      That is the exact voltage fot J1?

      Thank you for  help me.


      andrea ottaviani


      Can I post photos or video on request