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    How to mount the Edison .ext4 image in Linux


      I searched for quite sometime trying to figure this one out.  I think this method is buried in a thread on this forum but I felt it relevant to start a new post for visibility.


      This procedure will allow you to access files on the original image (or any image for that matter) using a Linux computer.  You will obviously need a machine running Linux and the unzipped .ext4 file from the image's zip file. From terminal type

      sudo mount -o loop /folder1/filename.ext4 /folder2


      replacing /folder1/filename.ext4 with the folder and .ext4 file name, and /folder2 with the name of an empty folder where you want to mount the files.


      This loop mounts the .ext4 file to a folder2 where you can browse the file structure and manipulate files with impunity.