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    Unable to update Edison


      My Edison was working for the last few weeks, however a few days ago it started to have problems writing Arduino sketches to the board. I couldn't solve what the issue was and decided to reflash my Edison just to see if that would fix the issue.


      Since doing this however, my Edison is stuck at version 16 and no amount of "configure_edison --upgrade" is doing anything as it keeps thinking the version 16 is the latest version (configure_edison --latest-version also tells me it's 16, when it should be 58, I believe).


      I've tried reflashing, re-downloading the image and reflashing, running "reboot ota" and interrupting the Edison in it's autoboot cycle to do "run do_ota". However, none of this seems to have helped. To make matters worse, I've got two Edisons stuck in the same situation!


      Has anyone run into any similar issues and found a workaround? Or knows what I'm doing wrong?


      Edit: One thing I have noticed is that previously when I flashed the Edison and did the "reboot ota" it would delete the imagine I copied onto the Edison. However, now all the flashed files seem to remain there, could this be part of the problem?



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          I guess your rootfs became full (see other threads on that).

          v16 is the correct latest public version, 58 was before (on the reasoning of the numbers see other threads - my guess was some sensor data defining the version number)

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            After reflashing the Edison with a reboot ota for the ota drive to not be cleared is normal with the latest firmware.  Also /home/root is preserved.

            the latest firmware will show edison-rel1-maint-weekly_build_16_2014-10-14_14-56-19 using cat /etc/version.

            These are the steps that should get you through that.

            1) Download the latestest firmware and unzip to the OTA drive.

            2) Log into the console as root and reboot ota (no need to interrupt - allow it to proceed through a couple of cycles)

            3) configure_edison and set up your board name, password and wifi

            The journals are filling up the root partition so

                if you are finished configuring your Edison you can turn that service off

                4) systemctl disable edison_config.service

                limit the journals to 20M

                5) edit /etc/systemd/journald.conf using vi, uncomment SystemMaxUse= to read


               6) ensure your journals are cleared (could be done quicker, I err on caution from typos)

               rm -f /var/log/journal/*/*

               rm -f /var/log/journal/*

               rmdir /var/log/journal/*

            Keep your eyes on the journals

            du /var/log/journal

            Keep your eyes on root partition space


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              if you don't need permanent journal then you may also set volatile in journald.conf (see other threads on that)


              deium "systemctl disable edison_config" would do as well. No need to type the trailing ".service" in this case