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    32" display output is fuzzy w/ Intel HD graphics 4000


      We have an Intel NUC (DC3217IYE) that has the Intel HD Graphics 4000 built in.  2 HDMI ports to accomodate 2 displays.  We thought this would be good for a Digital Signage project.  The Touchscreen display we bought was an elo Touch Solutions ET3201L.  When I connect the display to the HDMI port (either one), the output is not really clean or crisp, instead it all looks a tad jagged and inconsistent.  The display itself uses the "Generic PnP Monitor".  The resolution I can get, which is the "recommended" resolution (by Windows 7) is 1920 x 1080.  The elo Touchscreen people say that the monitor is a "Generic PnP Monitor", so now I'm thinking the problem is with the graphics adapter.  I'm using the newest Intel driver,, and have fiddled quite a bit with the Intel HD Graphics Control Panel, as well as many of the Windows Display options. I've also tried various options for maintaining or changing the aspect ratios.


      The best I can get so far is to set the default Text Size to 150%, and tweak the Windows performance vs. appearance settings by removing all the shadows, turning off the "transparent glass" and so on. Ran the Cleartype tuner a few times, did color calibration, and I still get what's basically a bad looking output on the screen.  I've also run some of the Touchscreen's configuration tools on-screen, but that didn't get me any settings for sharpness.


      Any ideas what else I can do to make the display look better?

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          Hello Barb_Gr, thanks for joining the Intel communities.


          It looks like the monitors use "Generic PnP Monitor", so once you installed our Intel Graphics drivers it is trying to communicate with the EDID of the monitors and that could be the cause of this behavior.


          Could you please Access the Intel HD graphics control panel and let me know which is the refresh rate you are using?


          Could you please attach the DX Ddiag report from your system so I can check the current information?


          Dxdiag Report: Type dxdiag in Start Menu> open> Save> Attach using Advanced Editor Options.